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We are the Rio Grande Mustang Club “RGMC” of New Mexico. The RGMC is a family oriented, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Ford Mustangs and the fellowship that goes hand-in-hand with these cars – both early and late models.

RGMC was started in 1982 and over 40 years later is still going as strong as ever, with member families throughout New Mexico! RGMC is a regional member of the Mustang Club of America (MCA) and is affiliated with the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs (NMCCC). Membership is quick and easy! 

Join the Rio Grande Mustang Club

Interested in joining? Fill out the form below. Mail it to the address on the application or bring it to any RGMC event. 

RGMC dues are $30 per year due in January ($2.50 a month, prorated).

MCA Membership is required for your first year of membership with RGMC and only needs to be maintained if you intend to compete in regional or national shows, or if you join the Board of Directors. MCA membership tiers are listed below. 


Mustang Club of America

RGMC is a regional member of the Mustang Club of America. Dues for MCA have changed and have three tiers available! ​Dues for the MCA are $25, $35 or $50 per year (12 month period from joining) depending on which membership level you choose. The MCA helps sponsor our annual car show. After paying your initial MCA dues to the RGMC treasurer, your annual renewal must be paid directly to the MCA.

MCA Membership Levels are as follows:

Associate Membership is the lowest priced level of MCA membership. Associate members have access to MCA vendor benefits, including the Ford X-Plan and have member access to the MCA website. Associate members may enter MCA National and Grand National Shows. Associate members do not have access to the digital or hardcopy issues of the Mustang Times. Associate members may not vote or hold MCA Regional or National Office. The price of an Associate Membership is the same for all members, regardless of where they live in the world.

Digital Members have all the benefits of the Standard Membership EXCEPT, instead of a hard-copy mailed subscription to the Mustang Times, Digital Members access the Mustang Times Digital Edition via a website link. The price of a Digital Membership is the same for all members, regardless of where they live in the world.

Standard Membership has all the benefits of Digital MCA membership, but with the added benefit that standard members also receive a Mustang Times magazine subscription via mail. The price of a Standard Membership is higher for members living outside the United States due to the added postage cost of mailing the Mustang Times magazine to addresses outside the United States.





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